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  • christmas cocktail banner 1160width

    Christmas Cocktails

    Festive Vibes Winter has now set in and as I write this I am looking out to beautiful snowfall in the garden and extremely thankful that it has decided to arrive on a weekend where I have no prior engagements and so do not have to drive anywhere. The snow has now got me reminiscing […]

  • Azura Blog Featured Image

    Mirrors Reflecting Glory

    Mirrors Reflecting Glory, so what does that mean, well it means exactly what it says. Gone are the days where mirrors were used only as a tool for checking yourself out but now they truly are pieces of delight used in our homes to reflect and enhance the glory that is the rest of our […]

  • Lemon & Lime

    Lemons, Limes & Good Times

    You may already have figured out that we are truly passionate about food at Azura and you could even call us ‘foodies’. We especially appreciate the real, fresh, pure, home cooked with love kind as we find it all the more satisfying to know what’s in your meal and to have created it yourself. Did […]

  • IMG_0072

    The Home Baked Cookie – naughty but nice!

    Here at Azura, we are huge fans of the soft baked cookie, the softer and closer to raw cookie dough mixture, the better and although most supermarkets out there make their own, we think it is hard to beat the best in our eyes which is the one and only “Millie’s” cookies. The only problem […]