Christmas Cocktails

Festive Vibes

Winter has now set in and as I write this I am looking out to beautiful snowfall in the garden and extremely thankful that it has decided to arrive on a weekend where I have no prior engagements and so do not have to drive anywhere.

The snow has now got me reminiscing and remembering what it felt like to be a child at this time of year in the 1980’s,  how exciting the snowy winters were and how super thrilling it was to slide down slopes on Cannock Chase on nothing but an old Garden Bag. Add to that the excitement of presents to come on Christmas Day and spending hours circling your favourite toys from the Argos catalogue, it was just a fabulous time of year.

A full weekend at home it is and I really need to find some of that festive excitement as an Adult. Most of the Children in our family are all grown up now so this year it really calls for some Adult entertainment so hmm what can I think of, hmm, thinking really hard here…. I know ….. COCKTAILS, and let’s make them CHRISTMAS COCKTAILS. Yes, it is working; I now have that feeling of building excitement as I make my way to my new cheeky little treat this year which is my Cocktail Cabinet now to me renamed by CHRISTMAS COCKTAIL CRACKERS CABINETS.

Cocktail Cabinets at Home

Cocktail Cabinets or Bar Carts have really become a big trend recently from gorgeous gold tone bar carts to super luxurious cabinets, there is so much choice around that makes it easy to find one that will fit into a little space in your home somewhere. Ideally these should go in the living room or kitchen or basically where ever you do most of your living because cocktails are part of life, right?

Here are a few of our favourites around at the moment:




Esta Shagreen Drinks Cabinet                 Luxe Round Drinks Trolly



With all of the fantastic design choices around at the moment, they really are more like décor pieces rather than cupboard space as they used to be in years gone by. My cabinet was actually a gift and not something that I knew that I wanted, or that was until I had it and then I realised how much I need it and now couldn’t be without it. You see, we actually spend a lot of our time at home in the evenings and weekends and possibly like many others do not get to go out quite as much as we used to as everything is so expensive in bars and restaurants. We tend to go out for meals/drinks about once a month so there are 3 weekends a month where we are just at home, but forget the ‘just’ at home now as you can make your home life as special as you like, just put the effort in and it really doesn’t take much effort and before you know it you will have friends and family conveniently showing up at your weekend cocktail time.







The Cocktail Making

You really do not need expensive equipment to make your own cocktails at home, a supermarket cocktail shaker set is all I have and I find it really quick and easy to make my old favourites (espresso martini) or when I have a bit of extra time at the weekends I get on the old internet and just love Pinterest for trying out new recipes, it is just the best place for sharing ideas. So just imagine, it’s Saturday night and you and your partner are at home… again, do you grab a can or glass of vino from the fridge or toddle along to your cabinet, get out your posh glasses and start shaking and stirring? Shaking and Stirring for me! It doesn’t even have to be that expensive as the great thing about cocktail making is you MEASURE out your spirits so not only does this cost less but also is not too bad for the old hangover situation (as long as you choose your drink wisely and don’t mix a load of different spirits). Another good tip is to basically try a few at bars and then copy them at home. A lot of the bars such as beatone now have videos on their websites or on youtube on how to make them so it’s a great way to learn new recipes.

Here are a few of our festive favourites at the moment and links to the recipes which we found from various places:

  1. Disaronno Shimmer                                    2. Gingerbread Bellini   







3. Pomegranate Gin Fizz                               4. Cranberry Pear Ginger Fizz