Create your Cosy Corner

Home is where the heart is and that cannot be more true for us. Many houses are given names as well as or instead of numbers and there is one name that can be used to sum ours up and it is a really simple one, ‘Den!’

Now the true meaning of this word is a wild animals home … hmm , can’t say that is too far from the truth either… but for us ‘den’ also has an association with safety, comfort and cosiness, somewhere when you have had a tough day that you long to get back to and you just know that somehow everything will feel a bit better there.

How does a home become a Den?

Style your home from your own heart

Well this is an easy start to creating your own den, you just use your own personal choices and decorate with what you truly love. You don’t need to exactly follow or copy the latest trends, you can still have a fabulous stylish home by using influences from trends and couple that with your own style. This then gives you a truly unique look that is only your Den.

An example would be to use colours from trends but then stick to the style you love or another way is to mix trends together such as Scandi with Urban or Country with Boutique. There really aren’t any rules here and a great way to try things out is by creating your own mood board and Pinterest is an amazing place to get homestyle inspiration.  At Azura Home Style you can also check out our Trendbook which is continually updated with products fitting into specific trend styles to help give you an idea what will work and what fits in with your style choice

Here are a couple of examples where people have mixed styles and created their own unique look:








Create a Cosy Corner or Two

Find a space in your home where you think you like to hang out the most, it doesn’t have to be in front of the T.V, but if that is where you love to be then go for it there, and make this your special place to go to when you need to escape, relax, find comfort.

As long as the spot is somewhere YOU feel you want to be then that is the most important thing. Think of a quiet undisturbed space you are drawn to or somewhere you tend to end up when reaping the benefits of being home alone.  A casual corner in the living room works well or what about a quirky reading nook?

It really can be as simple as moving a favourite chair to a different spot, say a bit closer to your  fireplace, or adding a really comfy cushion or throw, adding a side table or magazine rack to hand, changing the lighting where you can have softer mood lighting or even just adding some beautiful candles and tealights to an area.  Once you start to think of what you like to make you feel cosy, it will be easy enough to create your cosy corner.

Here are some of our favourite looks








Don’t forget that Comfort is Crucial. Whether is the cushions on your window seat or a beautiful armchair, this may sound obvious but too many people sacrifice comfort for style. You don’t need to so Don’t! Ask yourself, do you want to outstretch your legs? Do you want to have your back supported? There are so many quality made pieces available now such as thehero armchairs.

Here are some beautys available from Azura Home Style:







Another great thing about a cosy corner is you can easily change it up depending on the season. Right now in the midst of winter, warming colours and soft chunky knit textures will be fabulous to use and give a sumptuous snug vibe.

Once moving into Spring/Summer, changing candle scents or using lighter cotton fabrics for cushions will work a treat.

Another great cosy corner spot to go for is of course a window seat. If you are lucky enough to live in a home with this luxury available, then you really can go for it, check out these images for styling ideas.








Do you have a special favourite place already? If not, why not take a tip from us and create your own cosy corner?