Lemons, Limes & Good Times

You may already have figured out that we are truly passionate about food at Azura and you could even call us ‘foodies’. We especially appreciate the real, fresh, pure, home cooked with love kind as we find it all the more satisfying to know what’s in your meal and to have created it yourself.

Did you know that approximately 45% of our free time is spent at home so why wouldn’t you make everything about being at home extra special including mealtimes?

Now don’t get us wrong, we do also love to go out to restaurants every now and then to try out new flavours and we can use the excuse that it also provides us an excellent way for gaining inspiration for new flavour combinations to try out at home. It’s also a fabulously satisfying way of keeping an eye on the latest home style trends. A few of our local favourites are The White Swan at Walton, Ego in Lichfield and Weston Hall in Stafford (Afternoon Tea is the business!)

So we have been deliberating here ( in a desert island kind of way ).. If you could have only one addition to basic food, what would be the one kitchen flavour/ingredient you would choose. Aafter much serious (well, this is food!) deliberation we finally agreed on …

Lemons (and limes) … or is that cheating to say two. Well ok, citrus fruit then!

So, Why Lemons and Limes you ask?

3 Main Reasons –

  • Well just look at them! Visually Stunning, Bright and Bold. You can display them in beautiful jars, dishes or trays and walk past them and literally get inspired to use them in numerous ways. The pop of colour these beauties give will look fabulous in any kitchen modern or traditional style.

  • To be able to use these fruits in so many different types of dishes is pretty impressive. Simplistic and divine freshly squeezed as dressing onto a salad, lemon added into Chicken dishes into so many different recipes, limes used to make homemade guacamole. They are also used to make so many different Jason Vale Smoothies or juices. Then we think of all of the sweet dishes that can be created such as lemon cheesecake, key lime pie…….

  • And then for the good times…. Well, a slice of flavoursome goodness added to your latest favourite tipple transforms the drink into something special. Our latest favourite combination is the ‘Azura Moscow Mule’ (1 measure quality vodka, fresh squeeze of lime, 200ml of Fever Tree Ginger Beer garnished with a fresh slice of lime and a fresh slice of ginger all served in Copper Mugs (pre-chilled from the freezer).

Roll on the Good Times x