Mirrors Reflecting Glory

Mirrors Reflecting Glory, so what does that mean, well it means exactly what it says. Gone are the days where mirrors were used only as a tool for checking yourself out but now they truly are pieces of delight used in our homes to reflect and enhance the glory that is the rest of our beautiful home all around us. From Straight to ornate there are so many different ways we can use them in our home that it is no wonder it has really taken off this year as a trend in itself. Here are a few of our favourite pieces and design ideas to mention:

So may Benefits……

Are you aware of the many benefits you can get from using mirrors in your home as there are oh so many and here are the main plus points in our opinion:

Bouncing Light – used cleverly alongside light coming in through windows and skylights they help bounce light through the rest of your home

Key Positioning highlighting/distracting specific areas – especially with floor mirrors, these can be used to move the eye away from specific areas and attract to a more desirable point

Just makes the space look and feel special – well don’t they just?!!

A great alternative where it is impossible to find the right picture for your space – yes we have all been there, that blank wall space surely can hang around for a long time whilst you umm err decide think not sure about which picture to purchase where a mirror or mirrors can be a much less challenging decision

Making Small spaces feel bigger – sounds obvious but especially if you go big with your mirror choice you will feel like you have so much more space around you

Making Small spaces actually look bigger – goes hand in hand with the above and can make an extremely dramatic difference to your home and especially in hallways

So quick and Easy to purchase and place in your room – yes just pick your perfect mirror and there is no big job required to install , just hang/place and enjoy

Add Interest to Overlooked Spaces – well these pass through non purpose spaces exist in all homes and this is where a mirror can quickly become your new bff!

Mirror styles

Simple – where the mirror shape is the main effect rather than any dramatic edging. We love the look gained with simple mirror placement shown below from rosesandrolltops interior lifestyle blogger.

Decorative pieces are fabulous as wow feature
pieces and there are so many around to choose from especially in the metallic finishes

Design Placement

Over the Mantel – Sounds so traditional and yes it can be but is not limited to traditional styling. A stand out feature mirror over the Mantle looks just as fabulous over a more contemporary fireplace too. And this is where we feel you should really just go for it, the more dramatic and showstoppng the better. It’s almost just got to be done!

A Mirror Wall – This has become a new trend over the last year or so and sure seems to be hanging around (get it!!) It is one of our favourite ways of using mirrors and you can use this design inspiration in any of the styles or even all three mixed together can look absolutely amazing

Unique Pieces

So mirrors don’t have to be limited to stand alone pieces, they can also be used as part of a furniture piece such as a table top or a beautiful tray. You can even get all types of different effect to mirrored pieces now so that you can easily select a finish that will fit perfectly with the rest of the home. What could be better than a bespoke piece made for you in the finish of your choice? Well here is a piece of just that from us at AzuraHomeBespoke launching in October 2017, our personal favourite Galaxy Bespoke Glass Top Table £299.00.

Our bespoke range products are made to measure and guess what, if there is something specific you would like us to make just get in touch sales@azurahomestyle.com and we’ll see what we can do.