The Home Baked Cookie – naughty but nice!

Here at Azura, we are huge fans of the soft baked cookie, the softer and closer to raw cookie dough mixture, the better and although most supermarkets out there make their own, we think it is hard to beat the best in our eyes which is the one and only “Millie’s” cookies.

The only problem with Millie’s is deciding which flavour to eat, white choc, double choc, salted caramel and pecan are our fave dilemmas!

Oh and then you need to choose how many cos one just ain’t enough! Have you seen the large celebration cookies on offer?

Wow – yes still longing to receive that as a gift to share with friends or eat it all up ourselves!

So can you imagine our delight when we came across this fabulous cookie recipe with   The word “Millie’s” in the title. Oh this just had to be tried and tested and we can tell you now the results were so scrumptious that we just had to share the recipe with you to try for yourself.

Check out are yummy creations here:

In Progress………











Ta Dahhhhhh! Oh yes and how fabulous do our home made delights look placed on our silver coral platter. Give the recipe a try for yourself , you won’t be disappointed.

We reckon these actually beat the shop bought cookie experience because we love to bake at home and enjoy the satisfaction of watching our own creations develop. Also not forgetting the added bonus of getting a sneaky cookie dough taste pre- baking. Another plus is that home baking smell that cannot help but put a smile on anyone’s face and creates a cosy at home, loving home life feeling.